Local volunteer firefighter arrested

GILBERT — A volunteer firefighter who volunteers for Baiden, Wharncliffe and Gilbert Volunteer Fire Departments has been arrested on numerous charges. Yates was picked up by Deputies Cpl. N. Mines and Cpl. P. Muncy at the Gilbert Volunteer Fire Department on Jan 28.


According to the Mingo County Sheriff’s Office, Terry Jay Yates, 60, is accused of withholding information on what happened at a fire that occurred on January 23 around the Baisden/Ben Creek area. Yates admitted to picking up Jerry Berry, the man that burned Alfred Berry’s home, who is Jerry’s brother. Yates admits that he took Jerry and his girlfriend to Tommy Mounts’ house, away from the scene of the fire, after Berry stated “I need to get out of here, I just burned my brother’s house.” Yates asked Berry not to tell that he did so. Yates then returned back to the scene of the fire where he didn’t tell any of the other firefighters what he had done.


Yates also admitted that in November of 2014 he did give a cooperating individual two Hydrocodone pills and some Neurontin for trade of sexual favors. The cooperating individual admitted that it did in fact happen one time.


According to the Mingo County Sheriff’s Office, Yates is charged with delivery of a controlled substance, accessory before the fact, obstruction and conspiracy.

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